About Us

Campbelltown Church of Christ (CCOC) is affiliated with Churches of Christ in Australia, a mainstream Christian denomination, like Baptist and Anglican, which is known for a number of special emphases,

  • The serving of communion at every Sunday service.
  • Full immersion baptism for all people who are of an age to make a conscious decision to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and who choose to express their commitment in this way.
  • The absence of creeds to recite or statements of faith to sign.
  • Very little distinction between the professional Church Ministers (the clergy) and the people in the congregation (the laity). The Churches of Christ believe strongly that all Christians are ministers of the Good News and so lay people, including women, are regularly involved in all aspects of Sunday services and the wider missional activities of the church.

Churches of Christ in Australia is part of a world wide movement of mainstream orthodox Christianity which desires to see a continuation of New Testament church practices and principles such as the centrality of Christ, communion, baptism, teaching and mission. For more information about Churches of Christ in NSW Click here to go to the NSW "Freshhope" conference website