Our Strategy

Our church's vision is:

"Putting things right on earth as it is in heaven"

To fulfill this vision in 2016 we launched our 5 church's strategy areas (Strategic Intents).  These intents are the areas we are focusing on as church.  The outworking of the strategic intents forms our 2030 Strategic Plan (please contact the church is you wish to receive your own copy of our Strategic plan to find our what practical endeavours the church will be understaking to fulfill our vision by 2030). The 5 areas of strategic focus to realise God’s vision for our church are:


Putting right HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION of individuals, families and community through Christ’s Spirit. 

The Kingdom of God is not just about heaven and the spiritual realm.  The Kingdom of God affects the eternal and the physical existences equally.  ‘Holistic’ refers to the whole of life: spiritual, relational, emotional, physical, financial etc.

The three main areas we intend on seeing Holistic Transformation occur is:

1. The Individual: any one person that we have the opportunity to connect with through the ministry of the church, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or life orientation so as to provide healing and wholeness. We intend to not merely see an individual grow or become better, but more importantly, be transformed.

2. The Family:  The expression and experience of family is the bedrock of society.  In our modern times, the ‘family’ unit comprises many forms. We intend to create opportunities for holistic transformation in the family unit, especially in the area of leadership, relational health and parenting.  Obviously the transformation of the individual plays an integral part in the transformation of family and vice versa.

3. Community:  Our church intends to put right the experience of community.  Social media and other modern phenomena have created the illusion of community in our society, causing people to feel increasingly disconnected. People may have lots of superficial contact but rarely is it deep connection.   This illusion of community has left many people lonely, isolated and hurting, even within the church.  People’s experience of and contribution to Christian community requires holistic transformation so that there is deep Kingdom connection amongst its people primarily as part of a family, God’s family.

The one though who will be doing the holistic transformation, is none other than the Spirit of Christ - the Holy Spirit.  Jesus’ enduring presence and power amongst his people.  The Bible affirms that any transformation that occurs in response to or for God’s Kingdom is directly attributable to the work of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16,26, Galatians 5:22-23, Titus 3:5, Romans 8:13-14, Romans 12:1-2, Romans 14:17). We intend to seek, invite and recognise the Holy Spirit’s role in the holistic transformation of individuals, families and community.  


Putting right the ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT of Jesus’ followers. 

Jesus asked the fisherman, Simon Peter, to “Come, follow me” (Matt 4:19).  It was an invitation to not only have a new Lordship of his life, but a new perspective on life, a new purpose in life, and becoming a new creation himself.  This invitation would see new experiences, new opportunities and new friendships from that which life had previously provided. “Come, follow me” was in fact an invitation to a journey of faith in Christ and with Christ.  Simon Peter’s response was a step of faith into the unknown as directed and empowered by Jesus.  Simon Peter could not of conceived where his response to Jesus’ invitation would take him. In following Jesus, Simon Peter would soon be involved in exciting endeavours, bold and often risky undertakings, even hazardous actions of uncertain outcome, all the elements which define the very nature of ‘adventure’.

These experiences are not simply limited to Simon Peter.  They are also extended to every person who accepts Jesus’ invitation to “Come, follow me”.  A life of faith in Jesus is then a life of adventure. Faith includes working towards unknown futures and uncertain outcomes.  Faith includes stepping out into exciting and often bold undertakings. For every follower of Jesus, faith initiates and fuels a spirit of adventure.  We intend to ignite and excite the spirit of adventure in people so that their greatest adventure is with God and for his Kingdom and so put right the culture of our church and its people so we never become comfortable, complacent or apathetic about our personal and collective journey of faith with Christ. 


Putting right OPENNESS to talk about Jesus joyfully and boldly.  

Through Jesus, God has lavished upon us all of his love and blessings.  Most Christians truly appreciate the way God has expressed His grace to us.  However, even though most Christians are thankful to God for his grace, fear often prevents even the most sincere followers of Jesus from acknowledging to the people in their world the place God has in their life.

We intend on building a culture at our church that helps people be so comfortable, confident and OPEN about Jesus that his name regularly comes into everyday conversations with the people in their world. Beyond simply knowing how to explain the good news of Jesus, we intend on having a culture where Jesus is a natural and usual part of any conversation his followers have, and therefore they speak his name openly, joyfully and boldly.   


Putting right DISADVANTAGE and its cycles in our neighbourhoods and beyond.

Many people in our local area, and in our church, are living lives which are considerably less than what they are created for or even what they have dreamed of living. For many of people, this is because they are at a disadvantage in life.  This disadvantage could be relational, financial, educational, vocational, physical, spiritual, even geographical.  By definition, DISADVANTAGE is something that puts a person in an unfavorable position or condition.

When people have been disadvantaged in ways that limits or prevents the life God has for them, many of these factors become an issue of justice and these would be righted if the kingdom of God was present. Regardless of the reasons for disadvantage, we intend to provide assistance at the moment of need that have resulted from various forms of inequality or deprivation.

However, in some cases, putting right disadvantage will be extended to addressing cycles of disadvantage that keeps people in a repetitively unfavourable condition.  It will also bethe intension then of this church to courageously address the root cause of some disadvantages for individuals, or even groups, so as to see these cycles broken permanently and so providing new ways and new hope for life ahead.     

As disadvantage also affects significant numbers of people globally, CCOC intends to only partner with international organisations which are actively involved in addressing disadvantage in other countries through their Christian mission.  


Putting right ACCESS to spiritual resources. 

The message and expressions of the Kingdom of God is powerful. It is in the Kingdom that individual lives, families and experiences of community are transformed.  However, due to disadvantage many people cannot gain access to the specific resources which promote Kingdom understanding, Kingdom purpose and life transformation.  By definition, ACCESS is the ability, right, or permission to approach, enter, speak with, or use.

Limitations with facilities, technology, reading material, literacy, translation, isolation and disability often prevent many people from coming into the Kingdom and being transformed. Forbid it that a person’s yearning for the Kingdom experience is prevented simply through an inability to access the appropriate resources.  We intend to provide people, locally and globally, the physical, technological, training or financial resources necessary to provide direct and assisted access to the spiritual resources they request and require to engage with and expand God’s Kingdom.