Community Connections

Campbelltown Church of Christ has a long tradition of having a heart for our local community, and in 2013 a “Community Connections Team” was established to lead the church in being more intentional in our involvement in our local community and to develop programs and partnerships that would address local need. With the aim of being more than just a “service provider”, but by being a “hope reviver”, we desire to stand beside our neighbours and bless our community.

The Community Connections Team is a group of people who are excited by a vision of how God can work through us in the community. Through meeting together monthly, we are involved in the establishment of the Community Pantry, organising participation in events such as the “24-Hour Fight Against Cancer, Macarthur” and “Clean Up Australia” Day and looking ahead to the exciting things God has in store for our neighbourhood.

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“Community Pantry”

Food Security is a real issue in our local area. Many individuals and families who are struggling to pay bills, such as rent and the ever-increasing electricity costs, have no other option than to heavily reduce their food intake and can often go without food. Children who go to school without recess or lunch provided will then face other issues that go along with an inadequate diet.

Campbelltown Church of Christ is in the process of establishing a “Community Pantry” whereby local residents can obtain a bag of food at a heavily reduced price. In providing a safe, friendly and supportive environment, we look forward to being able to offer other help, such as JP services, connection to other resources, friendship and prayer support.  

Community Lunches

A Community Lunch is held on the third Thursday of the month at the Community Hall, Macbeth Way, Rosemeadow. About 60 local residents and organisations meet together for a free, hearty buffet lunch, and a time of just getting out of the house and meeting with others for a chat.

CCOC helps in providing food for the meal, as well as people to help set up or pack up. It’s also a great way for us to get beside people in the area, and hear about important issues which impact them.


24-Hour Fight Against Cancer, Macarthur

24 Hour Fight

In 2013, Campbelltown Church of Christ registered their first team of over 60 people in the “24-Hour Fight Against Cancer, Macarthur” community fundraising event and have been doing so ever since.

As well as raising money for a great cause, it was a lot of fun and a fantastic way to be involved in our local community.

Check it out:


24 Fight 13


Christmas Hampers

Christmas HampersMany individuals and families who are already struggling, find Christmas time an even more difficult time of year, instead of finding joy in this time of celebration.

CCOC provides dozens of beautiful Christmas Hampers to our local community, to help relieve some of the pressure at this time of year, and to pass on a little bit of light and hope to those around us.

This year we hopw to be able to provide 
"Back to school" packs to help familes with the costs at the beginning of the school year. 


Clean-Up Australia Day


CCOC has now participated in 3 “Clean Up Australia Day” events, with over 70 volunteers working in 6 locations in the Campbelltown / Ambarvale / Rosemeadow area. Kicking the event off with a hearty breakfast, we head off to the various sites at 9am, and enjoy meeting our neighbours as we show our care for them in a practical way.


If you’re interested in being involved in the “Community Connections Team” or in any of the events listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Connections Team Leader, Louise Hickey on: 0407911583 or


The “Community Pantry” project is supported by “Careworks”- the Welfare and Community Ministry division of Churches of Christ in NSW.