Ministry Growth

You have a specific place within the Body of Christ - the church. We want to help you discover what your spiritual gifts are, help you develop them and explore where you fit within the church. Some of the ways in which we do that include CCOC Ministry Students and CCOC Internship Program.

CCOC Internship Program 

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Throughout the life of our church we provide opportunities for people to be involved in formal ministry training through our Internship Program.

Each applicant is assessed on an individual basis but each candidate is required to be enrolled in some form of training at a recognized institution (Bible College or specific training in a specific area such as Graphic Design). Our Interns then serve alongside our Ministry Team in areas of specific ministry in order to gain the skills required to develop them in their calling.

The 2016 Application Pack is now available for Internships in various ministry areas within CCOC. These include Generational ministry (e.g. Youth), Community, Church Life and Communications & Media.

Please download the 2016 Application Pack.

To find out more information about our intern program please For more information on any of these programs please email us.

CCOC Ministry Students

In addition to our Internship Program we have a less formal opportunity for theological students to complete the practical elements of their training with us. This is particularly suitable for part-time students who do not have the flexibility or availability that our Internship Program requires mid-week.

Each students ministry experience is determined on a case by case basis to fit with their academic and practical program.


Interns can participate in theological training at any recognized institution but we recommend ACOM (Australian College of Ministries) which is the training institution of Churches of Christ nationally. ACOM provide training at;

  • Undergraduate level – Diploma of Christian Studies, Bachelor of Ministry or Bachelor of Theology
  • Post-Graduate Level – Masters of Arts or Masters of Theology

To enquire about becoming one of our Ministry Students please email us.